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The Willba sales and reservation system is always connected to a financial management software that is responsible for at least accounting, sales ledger and sending electronic invoices. Information moves between the systems automatically and the information stays up-to-date in both systems. Currently, the integration is done with the Visma Wintime software.

Willba produces invoices and customer information as well as paid vouchers, which are smoothly transferred to Wintime. Invoices to end customers can be sent from Willba via an e-invoicing operator connected to the system, for example Maventa operator. Payments of ledger invoices are transferred from Wintime to Willba and invoice payment statuses remain up-to-date.

With the help of these systems, it is possible to obtain comprehensive financial reporting. Willba's most important role is in sales and operational reporting, especially in forecasts, when bookkeeping also supports the picture with expense reports.

Bookkeeping report

Management of Basic and Control Information

The transfer of data to bookkeeping is managed with basic and control information. In the following, the structure of Willba's control information has been explained.

Wintime configuration and constants definition

  • Language codes
  • Quantity Unit codes
  • Interest rates
  • Types of vouchers, compose of vouchers and export notes
  • Accounting of advance invoices
  • Ledger receivables accounts for invoices and advances

Setting up accounts and dimensions

  • Bookkeeping accounts and product codes
  • Dimensions and their corresponding bookkeeping codes

Set up accounts and dimensions that match the company's needs and financial structure to Willba. The correct definition of these enables the correct data to be stored and reported. Dimensions can be set up and used for other organizational needs in addition to bookkeeping. Therefore, only the bookkeeping dimensions are transferred to Wintime.

Product register

An accounting is attached to each product, which therefore determines the sales account of the product sold on the sales invoice or the accounting product behind which the accounting is established.

It is also possible to set up product-specific fixed dimensions in the product register.

Sales dimensioning

In Willba, every sale can be dimensioned already in the initial phase in the way the organization wants. The information is transferred to Wintime in the integration and, in addition, dimensioning is available in Willba's reporting and search functions.

With the help of correctly defined control information, it can be ensured that financial information is stored correctly, transferred to accounting appropriately and is available in the necessary reports.

Use of integration

When the integration is put into use, Willba will be scheduled to produce csv format invoice and receipt materials, for example, every night. These are further transferred automatically to the Wintime server, from where they are automatically read into Wintime with the help of transfer chains.

In practice, the invoices are transferred to Wintime at a specified time, where you can further define the invoice processing.

In the same way, a timing is defined for payments in the Wintime ledger, according to which payments from Wintime are updated to Willba invoices. The transfer of payments is therefore a fully automatic function, where the user does not have to do anything.