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Packet Meal Listing‚Äč

Packet Meal Listing

The packet meal listing provides the restaurant with up-to-date information about the meals booked for the day, as well as the allergy and dietary information of the diners in question. On a daily basis, the restaurant delivers the meals at the agreed time and place with the help of the Meals & allergies listing, taking into account the possible individual special needs of the diners. The weekly and monthly Meals for planning listing serves the planning of the restaurant's operations. Work shifts and procurement of raw materials can be planned based on the quantities and times of the meals.


The list adapts to many needs when you change the Allergy by, Restaurants, List type, and Enrollments setting.

The structure of the daily listing is grouped first by restaurant, then sorted by meal and by time, grouped by sales. From each individual meal row, you can see the number of people, the age category, any additional notes, and you can open the sale. The total amounts of each meal in the restaurant are also directly visible.

Allergy information comes directly from the information of the participant of the meal sold. If, for example, the participant has recorded a life-threatening nut allergy in the online store, it will be made known to the restaurant through this listing. Allergy information can be displayed in the listing either grouped by sales or meals. When grouped by sales, the group's allergy information can be read as a whole, while browsing the group by meals listing easily answers the question: what kind of allergies are coming for lunch on a certain day.

The enrolment grouping setting allows you to browse the list either grouped by event or broken down by enrolment.

The time interval for the listing is selected from the calendar. Up to five weeks' worth of meals can be applied to the listing at a time.