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Willba's webshop platform offers a seamless and user-friendly experience for attending events, streamlining the entire process from beginning to end.

The webshop platform features an optional homepage that provides general information to users. Users can easily navigate to the events listing view, where they can view all currently open events available for enrollment. This view allows users to explore the interesting events and begin the enrollment process.

Enrolling in an event is simple and straightforward. Users have the option to select their desired enrollment packet and add participants accordingly. Before completing the enrollment, users are prompted to fill in the necessary customer information.

Finally, the payment process seamlessly integrates into the enrollment flow. Users can confidently proceed with their enrollment and make secure payments without any hassle.

Use case

For the following use case and examples, we will take the event enrollment as a reference.

Let's consider a scenario where we want to host tennis camp events frequently. Traditionally, the salesperson would need to contact each user and engage in multiple follow-ups to gather and share event-related information. By utilizing Willba's webshop platform, we can empower users to independently review events and enroll at their convenience, thereby reducing the need for extensive follow-ups and minimizing the risk of misinformation.

Purchase flow

User opens the events and starts the enrollment process. Let's dive into the few steps users are going to fill up.

  1. Participants management phase, where you can add, edit, and remove your enrollment participants.

Participants adding, editing and deleting

  1. Customer management phase, where you provide customer information.

Customer form

  1. Order summary, where you can review the order information before checkout.

Order summary

  1. Payment step, where you pay the enrollment. The payment provider depends on the selected provider, such as Viva Wallet or Paytrail. For more details regarding payments, refer to the Online Payments section.

Online payment