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Arrival Customer


The Arriving customers view in Willba provides a comprehensive tool for sales search and management during visits, in addition to room management. This view displays a list of sales that arrive, depart, or continue beyond the selected date, typically the current day. The purpose is to assist the reception staff in tracking customer arrivals and departures and reviewing the sales situation on a daily basis.

Opened arrival customer

Arriving, staying, and departing customers

The view clearly presents information on arriving, staying, and departing customers. This listing offers an overview of which customers are arriving, who have already arrived, and who are departing. With this information, the reception staff can effectively prepare for customer arrivals and ensure smooth customer service.

Arrivals searchable listing

Check-in and Check-out Statuses

Each sale in the view includes check-in and check-out statuses. The check-in status indicates that the participant has arrived and checked in, while the check-out status signifies that the customer has departed and checked out. These statuses enable the reception staff to closely monitor customer movements and ensure the provision of appropriate services and rooms.

Search Functions

Willba's view provides search capabilities based on customer, participant, and sales criteria. The reception staff can search for specific customers or sales using names, booking numbers, or other identifiers. Furthermore, the view allows filtering of sales based on various dimensions. This functionality facilitates quick and efficient searches and enables the review of desired information.

The view also distinguishes between staying customers and day visitors. Staying customers are those who have booked a room and will be overnight guests at the hotel, whereas day visitors are individuals visiting the hotel premises for the day, such as for meetings or gatherings.

Printout of the Arrivals List

The view offers the option to print a list of arrival customers. This printout contains detailed information about all customers scheduled to arrive at the hotel on the selected day. The printout assists the reception staff in preparing for customer arrivals and provides a clear overview of the expected arrivals for the day.